Okay so the photo above is before the fire I walked on burned down a bit and the coals were raked, but still 500+ degree Firewalk certificate holder right here. It mustn’t have been too bad as I ended up doing it four times over. It was a super fun event though, and my feet actually felt amazing the day after-they should start offering hot coal extreme pedicures in Salons, honestly!


The original plan for October was not walking on hot coals, but luckily the opportunity came up, and I was glad to do it for the charity SANDS Lothians -supporting those who experience baby loss and neonatal death.  The event organisers from the charity and venue were absolutely lovely and very passionate about what they do.  I met some amazing people, and the Firewalk itself was such a buzz.  Like a lot of the people there I think I didn’t feel the nerves until I arrived and underwent the 45-minute safety talk.  Prior to that, I had been dodging along in blissful ignorance!  I genuinely had no idea the temperature of the coals or actual risks involved until that point.  Watching everything get set up was exciting and nerve-wracking, and hearing the temperatures the coals can reach you struggle to comprehend how it can actually be done.  This one was a proper adrenaline rush, so much so I felt the need to go over the fire three additional times!  It really is over so quickly that you want to go again and again just to try and take more in each time.  Loved it though, 10/10 would recommend.

There is a separate JustGiving page for the firewalk here for anyone who feels called to donate:


I seem to have inadvertently started off a few fundraising side hustles over the course of the year, with the Pretty Muddy for Cancer Research, Firewalk for SANDS and next month a Tapathon event for Children in Need!  I’ve also started new hobbies, fired up old passions and started building up my own little business on the side.  The one thing I seem to have neglected, despite my best efforts, is looking after myself properly.

I have been making efforts to make time for self-care and rest during what has been an exceptionally busy few months working, mumming, fundraising, organising, writing and documenting.  However in the midst of the project work and all its offshoots I have not paid as much attention to my body and my health as I should have.  As a result, I ended up having to cancel the original plan to do the Bungee Swing for October, as it was vetoed due to the flare-up of an existing health issue I have been probably ignoring a little too long.  All is in hand now and I’m looking forward to getting back to full steam ahead soon- just with a bit more balance and attention to looking after my physical health.

Next week I’m public speaking again at a local event, this will be my third time this year so I seem to have developed a fondness for that too.  Into November I have a few challenges up my sleeve for then, more on them to follow!