So May has been incredibly busy and chaotic! I have completed my challenge, which ended up being a talk in the National Library of Scotland all about the year of no fear! I did have a gap in my calender for May, as you will see from the tbc on my list, but someone very kindly volunteered me to speak as part of their health at work week there. I mean who could pass up the opportunity to speak for an hour to a room full of strange faces?!πŸ˜‚ What’s not to love about public speaking?

I also took to the stage for the first time in May, performing for almost 230 people in a burlesque cabaret showcase! Never imagined I would be writing that one?! I had an absolute ball though, so much to write about.

So much to write about, but so little time to process. Seems I’m coming from one challenge straight on to the next- right after my talk I was on to rehearsing my dance routine for the festival! I’m so lucky and grateful to have all these opportunities, how many people can say they’re getting to live their ‘year of no fear’? It does however mean I am getting slower on my write ups, and relegating my Wednesday wonder woman posts to once a month from now on.

On top of the year of no fear challenges, there’s the day to day business of life and parenting. I have two little ones, and my 8yr old is ASD diagnosed. He is struggling with some changes at school and in his routine, and in turn I’m struggling a bit with the resulting outbursts and behaviours. I will be delaying writing about my May challenge and dancing showcase until later in the week, so that I can spend some quality time just me and him, figuring out where his anxiety is stemming from and how to help it πŸ’—

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My latest post is all about highlighting how the ‘Instagram perfect’ life just does not exist in reality, and showing a bit of transparency in my own feed. I’m getting to do such amazing things, and truly am as happy as I’ve ever been, but there are always challenges- for example the fact that I have precisely one handful of loose change to last me the rest of the month until payday πŸ˜‚