I completed my April snake handling challenge about two weeks ago, with thanks to the team at ‘Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World’. I will include a picture later in the post, so fair warning not to scroll down if you are severely phobic around snakes. I have tried to make Pandora look a little less intimidating with a well placed emoji to the face though.

I didn’t think I would be as nervous as I was about this one, it’s not something that’s really ever been on my radar and I’m generally not that comfortable around any animals, never even having had a pet in the family. I thought it would be a general discomfort/uncertainty around the experience which I’d feel in the main, however when I got to where all the various reptiles were kept I was suddenly in proper panic mode!

There was a huge yellow python, and although it would have made a most excellent ‘Britney’ style photo opportunity, I elected to go for something a bit less intimidating 😂

Pandora the little python is apparently very friendly and used to being handled- but I was mildly concerned that her being small meant she would be in danger of slythering up my sleeve unbidden!

There were so many little children at the handling session, which was quite reassuring. I was next to a little 3 year old who was desperate for his turn- which actually made it feel a bit exciting. It’s so funny to see how fearless and full of wonder little ones are 💗 He did get a bit bored waiting and try to wander off at one point, but I told him he had to stay in case I got scared and had to hand Pandora over to him. I was only half joking really. Well, maybe 30% 😂

So here she and I are- she clearly couldn’t be less interested in going up my sleeve or anywhere near me in the end! Now on to May, which I can’t wait to write about soon. One of the most nerve wracking challenges I will do this year coming up…