With thanks to my beloved friend Laura, I find myself crowned Ginger Parrot’s ‘Ginger of the Year’ for 2019. A competition I never knew existed, let alone that I was entered into! It was a lovely surprise to get the very tentative message from Laura basically saying ” I’m sorry, I thought they would have contacted you or me first, but I’ve entered you in this and now they’ve announced you won (to their 17,000 plus followers!)…” and well-timed as well as I was having a bit of a low day- I had a few of those in December in honesty, as I tried to wrap my head around coming to the end of the year of no fear and the rapid change that 2019 has brought with it.

In reality is the year of no fear can’t really ever come to an end for me, it’s now rebranded ‘a life less fear full’! I now question my fear based scripts whenever they present, it’s become the natural way of being for me. I have some plans for 2020 to write up, among many other things, but for now if anyone wants to find out more about the ‘ginger of the year’, here’s the link!😂

Ginger of the Year 2019