November marks ten months since I first set foot in Burlesque classes, when Sassy School of Burlesque brought them to Penicuik. If you would have told me then, “hey, in ten months time you will be organising your own demo show for YOUR students” I would have laughed in your face. Yet, here I am! Reflecting on one of the most fun, beautiful and proud nights of my life after holding a demo show night for my Peebles pupils on November 30th.

Hearing them say just how far they feel they’ve come (and I concur!) and how Burlesque has been empowering and confidence building for them really touches me. I am merely the facilitator as their instructor- they are the ones that show up every week and take the step out of their comfort zone, but it was beautiful to hear their appreciation of what they see as my ‘positivity’ and ‘sass’ 💖

Burlesque has surprisingly been one of the most personally rewarding things to come out of this project for me. Being an instructor and performer with our wee school is my absolute heart’s work. It just fits me perfectly! I always knew when I rocked up to the Penicuik Miners and met Sassy and my classmates that I would enjoy it, I’d wanted to try it for ages, but I couldn’t have predicted the journey it was going to take me on.

From student, to short 1-minute duet for our ‘showcase’, to instructor training, to multiple Edinburgh Fringe performance, starting my own classes, building my ‘Peebles Peaches’…all the way to last weekend- organising, hosting and performing with my SSOB sisters at my own little demo show. It really made my heart happy seeing how much fun everyone had- performers and audience, and I loved how my fellow instructors and students all stepped up to help make it so special.

I also had a raffle which raised almost £100 toward my target for this Year of No Fear project, which is fabulous news.

The gratitude I feel reflecting on my Burlesque journey has also inspired the theme for my next years “project” which I am very excited about! Watch this space…