Muddy Stupid…

So from my post back in August you will see I definitely learnt a valuable lesson from my Ben Nevis Faux Pas. Deciding to scale back to a 10k at the end of September felt like such a relief, and like a really sensible decision.

However because I struggle with rational and sensible, when I saw an advert for the pretty muddy 10k obstacle course, around a week before the event itself, I naturally felt called into action despite being nowhere near ready.  Within the day it was booked, and as nobody could join me at such short notice I was flying solo for the day.

This is an event I had done before in 2017-however at that point I was not long after completing a half marathon, much fitter and importantly not on my own.  The flying solo element was not a barrier to getting me there to do it, company would have been nice but I knew I would have fun all the same.  What it did mean however was that I attracted the full force of the mud/water slinging race ‘marshals’  on my round and so as you can see from the image above, got way more than pretty muddy.

This also highlighted yet another lesson I clearly hadn’t learnt from Ben Nevis-being prepared for AFTER the event.  Without a change of clothes/shoes, and so muddy I was not allowed on the bus in the end I had to call for backup, and my dad had to do a mercy dash to collect me from the opposite end of town in the car-save I would have had to walk about 16 miles home.

It was super fun though, and definitely worth it.  It also allowed me to contribute a little to fundraising for Cancer Research UK-which is another charity close to my heart.

I’d love to say I’m slowing things down toward the end of the year, particularly as I am always complaining about having no time, however I seem to still be actively adding to my sub challenge list!  I have my Bungee Swing challenge coming up next in October, and have decided to follow that up quite swiftly with a Fire walk in aid of SANDS, a charity supporting families who have experienced stillbirth and neonatal infant death, another extremely worthy cause.

Looking forward to catching up with some writing in between now and the Bungee Swing.  This is the one I have been dreading all year, and the one I am least confident about completing so watch this space!


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