So I’m unashamedly reducing my half marathon entry in September to the 10k, with plans to complete half marathon distance around November time. This is due to a number of things affecting my ability to train and prepare properly for September.

One of the chief among them is the realisation I just simply haven’t started preparing early enough. Ben Nevis was a bit of a wake-up call in that respect! I’ve also been having some niggles with a knee injury, so it just wouldn’t be sensible to enter for that distance underprepared.

I would also have really struggled to play catch up on training, even at full fitness, as August has been absolutely crazy with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe challenge! I’ve now performed for my 5th and final time, so am almost ready to do my write up! What an absolute blast it has been, honestly beyond my wildest dreams!!

I’ve added additional challenges in for the next few months recently too, so more on them to come! I have a project in the works which I am extremely excited about, but can’t say too much on at the moment! Year of No Fear 2019 really is all go, go, go!

I really struggled with the decision to ‘downsize’ as it were, but in the end, I decided it was really against the whole reasoning with which I started the project to force myself to do something for fear of what other people would think of me switching down!? Doing something potentially harmful to both my mental and physical wellbeing, in order to fulfill the expectations I fear others have of me since I initially pledged the half would be completely counter to the message I’m working to live out.

I hope to have my Fringe update done soon, for tonight I am relaxing and enjoying ‘Absolute Burlesque’ from the other side as an audience member 😁 Can’t wait to see my Burlesque sisters in action 😍