This weeks ‘Wednesday wonder women’ article has been postponed to ‘sometime around lunchtime Thursday woman’, as I don’t have the neccessary brainpower to complete coherently on time!

I still also have the write up for my April challenge to do, amoung many other things.

Tonight however, I have been dutifully informed by my eldest at ten to bedtime that tomorrow is ‘dress as a Roman day’ at school. If anyone needs me I will be sewing/sobbing into/sweary wording at a bedsheet toga for the rest of the night. What a practical, easy to pull together and fun idea for a class of 8 year olds- whom I predict will last about 3.5 seconds before reverting to school uniforms.

The joys of parenting 😂 Yes, it is possible to love and appreciate your children beyond measure, whilst also simultaneously recognising that it is hard work sometimes- just a quick PSA. I’m so greatful for my children, and my heart expanded to proportions I never imagined possible when I met these little humans. I know I am lucky to be a mum 💗

However I appreciate the solidarity in honest parenting, and lord above is it frustrating to be arguing with my 8 year old about the authenticity of his costume at 9.15 on a school night. Especially as it was only 30 minutes since I’d even heard it was a thing, and most infuriatingly because I HAVE A DEGREE IN CLASSICAL HISTORY, BUB 😂

Hopefully tomorrow I will have significantly recovered to write eloquently enough about the beautiful soul that is Maria Alfieri, curator of The Silent Scream Anthology and all round inspirational lady.