‘Sometimes in order to grow, you need that little bit of extra support…’

I am already very fortunate, in that I am surrounded by an amazing tribe of strong, supportive and capable women.  Some have been there with me for many, many years.  They have listened, supported and carried me through some of my worst times in the last few years.  They have inspired me time and time again with their strength, determination and heart.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am truly grateful to have these ladies in my life, they really are my ‘soul teammates’!

One of the amazing things about the Year of No Fear 2019 project so far is that I am encountering even more wonderful, conscious women throughout the journey.  I was planning to write an article as a sort of gratitude to the universe for all these wonderful new inspiring connections, but there are so many- and they just keep on coming!  I’m a huge believer in women supporting and appreciating other women in a culture that so often benefits from setting us in needless competition.  I decided they all needed a bit more detail dedicated to them, so I’m going to do a recurring ‘Wonder Women Wednesday’ feature instead of just a single article!

The first 3 are already in progress:

Flo Westbrook- Going with the Flo

Maria Alfieri- For Crying out Loud

Sam Van Kempen (AKA Sassy Von Sparkle)- Shake it ’til you make it


Writing is a slow process for me at the moment, with a lot of organisation happening for some of the Year of No Fear challenges, but hopefully I’ll be able to start posting them as of next Wednesday!  In the meantime, if you want to find out more about these particular fab ladies, I’ve popped the links to their websites below: