Progression, not Perfection…

Today I’m celebrating making more progressively healthy and informed eating choices, despite less than perfect conditions and delivery. Pausing for thought and being more ‘conscious’ when eating has been something I’m moving toward. Previously, a morning of chaos (like the one I’ve just had) would have had me reaching for the nearest easy, familiar comforting foods without even thinking about it. I would have given in to familiarity and convenience. Instead I slowed down, checked in with what I really wanted to put into my body at that moment-and so made a healthy, nourishing, conscious choice.

That’s not to say that I would always make that exact choice-there may be days or times when I stop, consider and think, actually, what I really want/need is an F-off bowl of Coco pops. I am well, fit, healthy and my choices for the rest of the day will be in alignment with this and suitably healthy! The important thing for me is to stop and think. Not to strive for complete eating perfection. Pressuring yourself to be perfect in any sphere I think never ends well. We should be realistic and allowing of our inherent human state of imperfectness. More forgiving of ourselves and others when we/they don’t live up to the ‘ideal’. It certainly allows for more peace and progress to flow than wasting unnecessary energy on anger and regret!

So often on social media we are presented with pictures of wonderful spreads of fruit, smoothie bowls and carefully crafted salads-sometimes this makes healthy choices look pretty but like they belong somewhere other than ‘real’ life. Like they are only for the world of those wonderfully fit Instagram Health and fitness influencers-who have much more drive and will power than us mere mortals on the school run. This is of course not true- we don’t have to be fitness gurus to make and celebrate healthier choices- we can take our time and make better food choices regardless of circumstances. Even when, like me this morning, the house is in carnage, all you have clean is a child’s Winnie the Pooh bowl and 5 minutes to grab some fruit at Tesco 😂 Next progression is better planning and fresh fruit instead of in the plastic tub, but that’s another post…

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