Lamenting the fact that this weekend marks a year since I ran the 1/2 at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival-Fast forward 12 months, today I couldn’t run 1/2 a mile without needing someone there with a defibrillator at the end! I realised this morning it’s absolutely months since I last went for a run. I seem to have developed a sort of ‘runners block’ 😱 I do love running, I was so healthy when I was training before and it’s an amazing stress reliever. It’s also free, outdoors and theoretically so easy just to get up and do.

I’ve used excuse after excuse to put it off. Every reason for why I haven’t got time. Even down to not having time, because I’m using my time to explore what’s mentally stopping me from going running😂 I’m impressed with my creativity really, but now the excuses have, ironically, ‘run’ out.

So tonight I signed up for this years September Scottish 10k-the very same run which initially ignited my interest. Okay when I say it ignited my interest, I really mean “the run which I signed up for without realising it had a time limit for completion-then panic trained fanatically when I got the email” Really looking forward to getting back into it again, and this time I have pledged to fundraise for the Scottish Association for Mental Health. This will give me extra motivation as it’s a charity very close to my heart. Having witnessed first hand the devastating impact that can be had when people with mental health issues are left without support or stigmatised, this is something I am really keen to raise awareness around. So now to start looking for an ‘accountability partner’ for training😂…❤️