So the image above is my soppy Facebook status from a few months ago. Looking back on it now I feel as- if not even more-grateful for the amazing family, friends and influences I am lucky enough to be surrounded with in abundance.

From the people who supported me through the worst times and realisation that everything REALLY wasn’t as okay as I was telling myself, to those who have challenged me to take a look at my own behaviour and examine, confront and take fully responsibility for it.

As well as my wonderful everyday “support squad” I’ve also been lucky enough due to the power of the internet to benefit from the influence and wisdom of some amazing women I might never have come across if the joy of Facebook and Instagram (in moderation!) didn’t exist. Not least of those the amazing Milly of @selfloveclubb Instagram for her brave posts and spreading the message it’s okay to not be okay! Also, Body Positive Memes Instagram account does a fantastic job of highlighting just how silly modern beauty standards and the way we all embrace them really can be. Two ladies who get a lot of flak for putting themselves out there but have continued to do so, and in the process have really inspired many on their confidence journey. Major respect to them for it! ❤️