Doing a bit of spring cleaning today with these non-toxic cleaning products.  I first discovered them when my children were tiny and I spent a lot of time freaking out about the need to clean constantly vs the fear of potentially poisoning them with too many chemicals.  Now I was a pretty hormonal and anxious new mum, so a lot of the things I did back then I’ve dropped like a hot potato now I’ve somewhat come to my senses! I still like to use these though, not just for the fact that its actually healthier for people of all age ranges to be breathing in less chemicals, but I’m also trying to become more aware of the environmental impact my choices can have.  I also really like that these particular cleaners claim to ‘put the hurt on dirt’ and that they promise that using responsibly sourced, environmentally friendly and cruelty free products means I will get ‘good karma’.  Can never collect enough of that! ❤