This morning and I got off on totally the wrong foot, and I was left to choose between feeding the existing stress by blitzing through my ‘to do’ list, or taking some time out to recharge. Seems like a total no brainer on paper, but previously I might have chosen the first option and finished the day feeling accomplished but exhausted. Now I can see the value in taking a little time out to replenish, so I went for a little peaceful walk in nature nearby. It was a great call as I feel refreshed and I’ve actually managed to tackle all my priorities this afternoon.

Sometimes slowing down and taking some quiet time seems like it might take away from more ‘valuable’ things we could be doing, but often it’s the best thing we can do. It allows us space to take stock of our priorities and can stop us becoming overwhelmed with stress and urgency. Outdoors is by far my favourite place to do that. I enjoy the quiet, it’s not something I experience often with two small children and a job in the City Centre!

I also like the calm that comes from a natural environment. Trees aren’t judging and criticising the thickness or appearance of one another’s trunks, birds don’t check out who has the biggest and best nest. Bees aren’t comparing pay packets, rivers aren’t angrily ‘tooting’ at stones that temporarily divert their flow…not as far as I can see anyway, I mean I’m no expert! There’s definitely something to be said for a bit of fresh air and self care ❤️